bloop Cosmetics and Fragrances

bloop Cosmetics and Fragrances


What is bloop?

bloop the makeup made easy represents a New Generation of make-up for the New Generation of Women to help combat the highly demanding and competitive World. Thanks to its technological advancement in product quality, innovative packaging and balance texture, make-up has never been this fast, this good and this easy.

bloop products are engineered by PASSION and LOVE. Working with its’ international partners and beauty experts from around the world, bloop has access to the best line of cosmetics manufacturing, research and technological advancement available today.

Illuminate Your Dreams – Women Empowerment

We believe that the Female Spirit possesses both Strength & Beauty and we want to do our part to help Nurture & Grow it.

We believe that every Woman have Equal Rights, Equal Say, Equal Opportunities to Succeed and most importantly the Equal Capabilities to Achieve their Dreams. We believe that Women are some of the Coolest & most Radical beings on the Planet.

Hence we have set up bloop’s Dream Catcher Team whereby a team of professionals focuses on assisting Girls & Woman from around the World in trying to catch their dreams.

Have a Dream – Let us know at

And let us help and develop each other together.

Developed through Global Crowd Sourcing

The bloop Professional Make Up range are carefully developed from Beauty Experts from around the Globe working together to deliver a truly International Cosmetic Line that suites all skin tones & skin types.

This New Form of Global Partnership enriches Bloop’s Products through the Synergized Expertise found in the Diverse International Cultures & Professional Expertise from around the World. This makes us a Trend Setter in Design, Formulation and Beauty Technological Development.

Built over the past 15 Years, bloop currently has manufacturing & development partners in France, Germany, The United States, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, & Denmark. bloop uses only the latest Technologies & Development available in the Cosmetic Industry to ensure that our Customers always deserve the best.

Globalizing the Locals and Localizing the Global

Bringing the Art of Make Up to a Global Audience at the Best Quality and at a Fraction of the Price.

bloop products are developed and designed with an understanding of the local markets whilst utilizing our network of international resources and developments. Many of bloop’s products do not originate from just one country but comprise of an amalgamation of materials and expertise from many different countries.

Our award winning bloop diamond eyeshadow, the result of pairing R&D from the United States and ingredients (diamond powder) from Japan, is one such example. bloop’s Magic Lipstick which uses Hylocereus Ocampensis (Dragon Fruit) a popular fruit in Asia are used by bloop’s beauty Scientist in France to develop the Award Winning Natural Lipstick. 

Exceptional Quality at Affordable Prices

With over 30 years of experience in the Beauty Industry and a Global Team of Experts who supports and understands what is close to our hearts and what you desire to achieve with bloop products – the commitment to develop one of the most innovative an amazing cosmetic lines for our Customers. bloop’s mission is to deliver Exceptional Quality at Affordable Prices.


bloop is colorful, smart, young, independent, balance and outgoing. bloop is the spirit of the Woman, appearing to bring smiles and happiness into lives. bloop is amazing and bloop is you.

We are here to enhance your confidence level, unleash your personality and to help illuminate your dreams with bloop.