bloop Cosmetics and Fragrances

bloop Cosmetics and Fragrances

Long Lasting Lip Colors You’ll Love
You shouldn't have to apply your lipstick over and over again throughout the day. By selecting the right formula and following these simple application tips, you can get beautiful lip color that lasts.

Preparing your lips The key to great ...looking lipstick that lasts is preparation. For perfect application, you lips need to be soft and smooth. Drink plenty of water and keep your lips hydrated with lip balm, particularly if you live in a dry or windy climate. Exfoliate flaky lips with a gentle washcloth every day in the shower to remove dead skin cells and help create a silky surface.

Choose the right formula Lipstick is typically categorized as matte, creme or frost (shimmer). Matte lipstick offers true color but not much shine. It typically contains less moisture than other formulas and can leave your lips dry. If you like the look of matte lipstick, try to find one that is labeled as moisturizing.

Get glossy Add a dab of gloss on top of your lipstick for some extra shine. Apply it to just the center of your bottom lip. Smack your lips together to spread the gloss.

Hot lip colors this season When choosing lip color this season, shades of fuchsia, plum and berry are hot choices. True reds, bluish reds and cherry reds are also very popular. Avoid brick reds, corals and oranges, which tend to make teeth look yellow.

bloop Candy Duo Lipstick contained Matter Lipstick and Lip Gloss. This convenient & new tech packaging brings you a hassle-free experience with the below benefits:-
-Rich matte texture.
-Safe & long lasting.
-Hydrates & Moisturizes.
-Smooth & even application.
-Reduces the appearance of fine lines.